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This page is devoted to my cats, past and present: Bat, Boo, Munchkin, Scooter and Socks. They're all (neutered) males except for Socks, a female kitty who runs our household. I've given each of them their own pages. Click on a cat to get to his/her page.

Scroll down past the cats and info to view the Cat and Human Years Calculator. You can calculate your cat's age in human years, and your age in cat years; also includes a "months" option, if your kitty is still a kitten.



b. Spring, 1991

d. June 29, 2008


b. Spring, 1995

d. December, 2013


b. approx. the end of May, 2000

d. December 18, 2007


b. Autumn, 2000

d. April 16, 1015


b. approx. February, 2007

d. -

(Hopefully, not for a long time to come.)

(Reserved for a possible future kitty.)


Other Cats In and Around my Life

I'll try and get a picture of Spirit up here, even though she's not my kitty. She's got a good spirit which is why the people at the CAT Association named her that. She's very friendly. Carl moved to Arkansas and returned Spirit to the CAT Association.

And while I'm thinking of it, I should get a picture of Morris, Jeff's former orange tabby cat, whom we rescued during a freezing cold spell. He'd been practically shaved in what I believe is called a "Lion Cut" and he had some sort of breathing or upper respiratory problem (sneezing, sniffling, etc.). He would probably have died out there that night. Jeff took a liking to him and adopted him. He was a big cat.

When I was still living in Topeka, KS, I had two strays I was fostering while they were on the waiting list to go into the Cat Association (a no-kill cat shelter): Sweety and Max. I rescued Sweety from outside the apartments. She was literally skin and bones, and -- scarcely more than a kitten herself -- seemed like she'd recently been nursing kittens. The next day, someone asked if I'd taken her in and that some neighborhood kids had her three kittens, which were apparently too young to be weened yet. I tracked down the kids and they told me two of the kittens had already been given to other people. They gave me the third one, whom they'd named Max; the name just seems to fit him. So I took him in to be with his mother.

That the end of August, 2007. And, as of the time of this writing, they were still on the CAT Association's waiting list (AT LEAST 3/4 of a year if not longer). I should have just put an advert in the paper, but I didn't like the idea of giving them to just anyone who wandered in wanting them. The CAT Association screens, and I believe matches, potential adopters. If I'd known I was going to have them this long, I'd have taken pictures of Max when he was tiny and at his cutest. He's a furry little monster...gets into everything, knocks everything over.

The CAT Association never did get a spot to open up for them. I suspect it's because I listed them as strays on the paperwork, and they want to take in owned cats who need a home. They could have been honest about it. As it was, I ended up having to turn Sweety and Max over to the Helping Hands Humane Society. I don't know if they went to good homes or not but I sure hope so! It's hard, not knowing...

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