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Here's the requisite links page.

Coast to Coast AM -- This used to be my favorite radio show, back when Art Bell still hosted it.  Discussions on conspiracy & coverups, the paranormal, unexplained, aliens, ghosts, alternative science, astronomy & space, and all things weird. I haven't listened to it in years, though. I used to have a HUGE archive of C2C shows, which I was happy to share with interested individuals, but my hard drive went south on me and I lost them all. I had most if not all the Ghost-to-Ghost Halloween specials, too -- AND most of the "J.C. Webster" clips, too. I really hated losing those because I went to a LOT of effort to collect and catalog them all. :(

"The Cat Ate My Homework!" Items -- The dog is innocent -- he was framed! The CAT ate your homework! Mouse pads, coffee mugs, posters & prints, and T-shirts in a variety of styles (including Plus sizes). Go check it out een if you don't buy anything -- this is incredibly cute! See the video on YouTube!

#Sanguinarius IRC Channel Home Page -- Real Vampire chat and support. This is my channel, and where I hang out most of the time.  If you want to chat with me,  this is the place to do it. Follow the links to the web-based chat if you don't have an IRC client installed.

Tucson Area Vampire and Otherkin Community (TAVOC) Site -- Another site I made (the Yahoo Group is here); we host meet 'n' greets for, and try to network, the local vampire and otherkin community.  This is for vampires, otherkin, donors, fae, therians (werecreatures), goths, dragons, catkin, angelics, starseeds, indigos and anyone who supports them, in and around Tucson, AZ, USA. If you're one of the above in or around Tucson (or surrounding area or even as far away as Phoenix, Las Vegas or even Los Angeles) we'd like to have you in our group and join us in our monthly meetings.

Stay tuned...I'll have more links up later!

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