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Once upon a time, I had a longer list I kept with different weird foods on it.    I don't know what happened to it.  I've recreated the list from scratch because I'm just too stubborn to give up on something so weird.  If I ever find the original list, I'll add them in here.  But for now, this is what you get.  Some foods listed may be real dishes; if they are, don't blame me!  Bon appetit!  *snerkle*

(last updated: 27 February, 2010)

2012 Additions:

strawberry crab rangoon
strawberry cream cheese and liver
pomagranate and banana soup
bacon milkshake
potato creme cookies
coffee with mustard
avocado and fig pizza
tomato tea
bologna and peanut butter sandwich (from Narradas on IRC)

2011 Additions:

oatmeal with peas (from jnsr on IRC)
chicken and cantaloupe soup
chocolate covered bacon

(not a lot from 2011 because I was sick most of the time and didn't feel very zany)

2010 Additions:

pickle-flavored beer
beer soup
lamprey pie (from Ioshua in IRC)
onion sandwich
strawberries and pickles (from The Munsters)
bacon and banana bread sandwich with mustard and peanut butter
blueberry soup (from OrbitalBeetle in IRC)
tomato juice with whipped cream (from NyteMuse)
cantelope and sauerkraut omelette
canned cheeseburger (swiped from the internet)


Previous Years' Accumulations:

Barbecue flavored cheesecake
Pickle & banana sandwich
Kiwi & comquat cream pie (from "Crazy Like a Fox")
Sweet potato and apple soup
Oyster tea
Peanut butter and onion with cheese sandwich (from Mercuria in IRC)
Garlic pancakes
Tomato jello
Cinnamon-pepperjack cheese
Strawberry soup
Peeps and haggis bean dip
An oatmeal sandwich
Cream of sardine soup
Tuna mint cake
Macaroni and mustard jello
Broccoli cheesecake
Barbecued banana peels
Banana & green bean pie
Banana & pickle sandwich with grape jelly and mayo
Lard sandwich
Chocolate-covered chicken chunks
Fish pizza
Raspberry quiche
Mold pate
Bacon mead
Lard soup
Spaghetti sandwich
Pasta with chocolate sauce
Green pepper jelly
Catfish jello
Kiwi & onion oatmeal
Catfish sauteed with onions
Trout baked in glu-wine
Strawberries and mustard
Hot dog soup
Hamburger gravy on pancakes
Minty tomato wine
Worm cookies
Salmon candy
Custard soup
Onion mint bread
Vanilla mince pie
Carmel & chocolate omelette with cinnamon sprinkled on top
Lime jello with acorn squash
Upside down ketchup cake
Peanut butter and almond sandwich
Chocolate-cheese burrito
Raisin corn bread
Pickled walnuts
Cranberry ketchup
Balogna and fig pizza
Caffeinated donuts
Orange meringue pie
Onio flavored milk
PBJ on rye
Pineapple fish pie
Tuna and banana omelette
Bologna flavored ice cream
Ramen noodles with bologna and an egg in it
Lemon juice on pancakes
Egg pies
Squirrel brains and eggs
Mixed vegetables in chocolate pudding
Toothpaste sandwich
Hot pepper tea
Fried cheese curds
Salted snake
Peanut butter and tuna sandwich
Jagermeister and chocolate liqueur, with a spritz of lemon
Chocolate tea
Cran-chocolate juice
Steamed lard (from "Ren & Stimpy")
Pickled coffee beans
Caffeine-free water
Caramel flavored potato chips
Refried bean and strawberry pie
Potato jam
Chitlin & turnip pizza
Bratwurst and cauliflower with whipped cream
Blueberry flavored coffee
Bacon cake
Bacon ice cream
Pickled prunes
Spicy parsnip soup
Shrimp pot pie
Chocolate covered carrot sticks
Fuzzybar!!! hair-covered chocolate bar with bacon flavor! (from OrbitalBeetle)
Peanut butter and mayo sandwich. with banana
Lemons with chili sauce
Grape cheesecake
Bacon flavored diet coke
Potato salad soup
Okra pie
Pizza flavored yoghurt
Jellied eels (from Graham Sharpless)
french fries with peanut butter
fried spaghetti
spam lasagna (from tiny Buccaneer in Second Life)
meatball pudding
squeeze bacon (from Ioshua in IRC)
bbq asparagus (from Ravena in IRC)
Philly cheesecake sandwich
bacon soup
stawberries with garlic
macaroni & cheese pancakes (from
mango and celery omelette

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