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Hurricane Sangi -- The Great Worldwide Sneeze

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Theory: If everybody on the planet sneezed at the same time, in the same direction, we could create a hurricane!  So in the interests of science, I'm trying to get the entire world to go in with me on this:

On July 3, at precisely 03:33:33 am GMT, each person in the Northern Hemisphere shall (being outside first) turn to the east and sneeze; people in the Southern Hemisphere should sneeze toward the west (because the rotation of winds is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere). Artificially induced sneezes are acceptable; the point is to get the air moving.

If we get enough people in on this, we might generate a small hurricane; if we get the whole planet involved, WE WILL SUCCEED!!!  We might even make a category 5 one!

Why? Just to prove we can do it! People Power! Yeah, baby!

So mark this date and time on your calendar now and make the commitment to aid science in proving or disproving my theory.  And get all your friends to help out, too!  The more sneeze-power we generate, the bigger and better the hurricane will be.  Let's create something we can all be proud of, and talk about for years to come.  Let's create Hurricane Sangi!

Update: I am currently saving up to acquire a patented Gizmotronic Gale-O-Meter 3000 to record the wind and atmospheric stats of Hurricane Sangi. It costs a gazillion dollars and I should have enough to buy one in approximately the year 2497. (If anyone has a spare one they'd like to donate to The Cause, I'll gladly accept it.)

Another Update: We almost succeeded in 2012, with Hurricane Sandy (see how close we came? They even almost named it "Sangi"! *lame look* well, it sounds kinda the same... :P *sulks*) a.k.a. "Superstorm Sandy". We need to try harder in 2014! We can do it!

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