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Here's an insane little log from January 10, 2005 in #Sanguinarius on It was a slow morning in chat, so...

<Sangi_resting> *flips out* the government has been in my home. They implanted one of my cats with a radio transmitter to spy on me! O.-

<Sangi_resting> Yes, you heard correctly. My cat is now a secret government spy transmitter

<Sangi_resting> I'm double checking on this at the moment, though...

<Lord-Byron> Cat transmitter - For what purpose?

<Sangi_resting> There is a slim possibility that they might have implanted the transmitter in my big toe...

<Sangi_resting> which would explain why my toe hurts when I walk these days

<Tepsi> you should just cut it off

* PhrozenSleep Quit (Ping timeout)

<Tepsi> that'd teach them a lesson

<Sangi_resting> No, that's not right, b/c it's my second toe that hurts, NOT my big toe

<Tepsi> better just cut 'em ALL off - just in case.

<Sangi_resting> do you suppose...they might have implanted the transmitter in my second toe to throw me off their scent?

<Sangi_resting> sneaky, they are......but I'm ON to 'em!

<Sangi_resting> I'm on to 'em

* Sangi_resting talks to herself and limps around the channel

<Lord-Byron> What is their motive?

<Sangi_resting> they're bored? I don't know. It's a conspiracy, and I'm not in on it

<Sangi_resting> maybe...

<AutumnJade> Sangi, my website covers 2 different aspects, both web hosting & kin', do I add it to both categori's?

<Sangi_resting> maybe, just maybe, I could implant a radio transmitter IN THEIR radio transmitter ans find out?

<Tepsi> I think you are in on it - you just don't know it.

<Sangi_resting> Tepsi's in on it

<AutumnJade> who

* Killebrew_asleep Quit (Ping timeout)

<Sangi_resting> and so's *looks around*

<Sangi_resting> LilyRain

<Sangi_resting> and and AdrameleK

* LdIrQeUaImDs Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)

<Tepsi> now you're stretching the bounds of credibility, Sangi

<Sangi_resting> no I'm not. You're just trying to discredit me

<Tepsi> me and AdrameleK working together on something? come on!

<Sangi_resting> *paranoid look*

<Sangi_resting> the perfect undercover team...who'd suspect?

* Sangi_resting 's toe begins throbbing

<Sangi_resting> uh-oh..I think it's transmitting

<Tepsi> that's about as plausible as an Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein team

* Sangi_resting ponders that

<Sangi_resting> maybe I can prevent it from transmitting *Sangi takes her sock off and puts her toe in her mouth*

* Tepsi is away -( sleeeeeeeepies )- at 08:37a -( P:On / L:On )-

* Gabrielx yawns blinks blurry eyed

<Sangi_resting> my saliva will jam their frequency

<Tepsi> are you still wearing the tinfoil hat?

<Sangi_resting> where's my tinfoil hat? I wanna be on the safe side...

<Gabrielx> wow

<Gabrielx> I wake up to this at 5:39 am

<Sangi_resting> she's reading my mind through my toe transmitter! AHHHHHHH

<Gabrielx> now

<Gabrielx> I fear

<Sangi_resting> I KNEW she was in on it

<AdrameleK> the chicks on charmed as SO hot

* Sangi_resting sucks on her toe all the harder\

<Tepsi> ,.aler sira ots real tin

<Sangi_resting> (lol, Gabrielx)

<AdrameleK> as=are

<Sangi_resting> whu??

<Gabrielx> adram: the power of threesome?

<Gabrielx> by like 4 some though

* Sangi_resting puts on her tinfoil hat and goes back to "normal"

<Sangi_resting> ;)

<AdrameleK> no cause you only need 3 for manifestation

<Lord-Byron> Good Morning, GabrielXXXXXXXXX !

<AdrameleK> hence the power of 3

<Gabrielx> mornin lord-byron

<Sangi_resting> whoa, that was weird

<Sangi_resting> how cat is beeping

<Sangi_resting> it's probably nothing

<QuickZilver> rofl

<AutumnJade> even 4 is too little Gabrielx, if you're going for power, make it a mass orgy!

<Gabrielx> sangi: put your ear up to it's butt and listen for further incriminating odd sounds

<Sangi_resting> ok

<QuickZilver> I agree with Gabrielx

<Sangi_resting> there's a faint hissing sound...and-- *passes out*

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