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Summary: A collection of various dooms that may be slated to befall the earth and humankind.

*Sangi makes a list of Impending Dooms*:
(last updated: 19 October, 2005)

1.) Full-scale nuclear war

2.) Worldwide outbreak of genetically engineered super-virus

3.) Giant asteroid

4.) Alien invasion

5.) Various "Biblical" plagues and cataclysms

6.) Solar radiation from thinning ozone layer

7.) Lack of oxygen produced by world's forests due to rainforest destruction

8.) Genetically reproduced dinosaurs getting loose and eating everybody

9.) Mr. Sta-Puft, the Marshmallow Man

10.) Pole shift


11.) Godzilla, and um... oh yeah... and an army of Homer Simpsons. And when I say Godzilla I also mean Rodan King Chidora and all the other ones (from Darien Kirby)

12.) David Caruso getting another film role *heh heh* (from Mina Xavier)

13.) Psycho killer birds (from Sangi)

14.) A supervolcano erupting in Yellowstone (from Sangi)

15.) Global warming (from Sangi)

16.) A coming ice age (from Sangi)

17.) An army of rampaging midgets (from Sangi)

18.) Terminator-style robots taking over (from Daya)

19.) Planet X colliding with earth, or a near-miss, pulling away our atmosphere (from Sangi)

20.) Zombie armageddon (from Sangi)

21.) A Vogon constructor fleet demolishes Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass (from Sangi; swiped from Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

22.) An infocalypse (Y2K would have been infocalypse. End of the world by catastrophic data failure) (from Giltwist)

23.) The earth's mantle/crusts will all break apart at once, and all the existing land masses will sink into the earth's core and become molten lava. (from Sangi)

24.) The sun will let loose a massive solar radiation flare (or a series of them) which will hit the earth and fry everything in it's path. (from Sangi)

25.) Buddhism takes over the world and all humans beings become fanatics, achieve the status of buddha and die in meditation. (from Hades_of_Methrilon)

26.) A newbie chaos mage unleashes the primal chaos upon the earth plane, thus turning everyone into a decorative assortment of lawn furniture. (from Giltwist)

27.) The interstellar hamster migration that will stampede the earth beneath its mighty feet. ^_^ (from Songshadow)

28.) "...A large 'methane burp' from the bottom of the ocean could trigger a runaway greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, increasing the planet's temperature by as much as five degrees. This would cause ice sheets to melt, sea levels to rise, and coastal towns around the world to be flooded." (from Joel Barker, Coast to Coast Guest, )

29.) "Barker also spoke about a hypothetical 'slippage' of the Canary Islands which could trigger a monster tidal wave hundreds of feet tall traveling at the speed of a jet airplane that would wipe out America's eastern seaboard." (from Joel Barker, Coast to Coast Guest, )

Am I forgetting any? I am sure that I am...

--Sanguinarius for Real Vampires

ShadowLore, Kansas (and Missouri) Branch, Head

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