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These are people who I admire for their accomplishments, attitudes, and/or outlooks. I would love to meet them and -- dare I say it -- have them as friends, but probably never will, due to time and circumstance.

(last updated: 7 February, 2009)


(in no particular order)

  1. Imhotep (from Egypt)
  2. Heron of Alexandria (from Greece)
  3. Leonardo da Vinci (from Italy)
  4. Thomas Edison (from the USA)
  5. Thomas Jefferson (from the USA)



(in no particular order)

  1. Zahi Hawass (Head of Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities)
  2. Michio Kaku (physicist)
  3. Stephen Hawking (physicist)
  4. James Burke (historian and all around kewl guy)
  5. Art Bell (paranormal/conspiracy talk show host and author)



  • Richard Feynman (won Nobel Prize for quantum dynamics)

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