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My email address is SangiVamp <at> gmail <dot> com (You will need to edit the address into it's valid format; sorry...I have to write it that way to try and prevent spambots from ruining THIS addy, too) -- and I cannot guarantee a reply, though I will try to..

Catching Up to Me or Questions.

The best way to catch up with me is in the channel (chat room) #Sanguinarius on (IRC). Also, my Skype handle is SangiVamp, but please know that when I am signed on, I am usually getting pounced by a number of people all wanting to talk to me. Also, I am sangivamp on FaceBook (Display Name: Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius). If you are seeking advice or answers to questions you have about real vampires or whatever, then I would recommend joining #Sanguinarius to chat or posting them on the Vampiric Community Message Board. (Note: Troublemakers, religious people, so-called "slayers" or "hunters", and other hatemongers are not tolerated at either of these places, so if that is your intent, then don't even bother.)

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