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(Message board owners:  Feel free to link to this page as a convenience to your posters.)

Note:  If you want to use this basic html codes page or customize it to use on your own site, THEN GIVE ME CREDIT.  And a link to my domain.  That's all you have to do.  I'm not even going to require that you email me and ask; it may be 3 months before I can answer.  I'm intelligent enough to see my own work, copied and customized to fit someone else's site.  I've also spent enough time and work on this page to get annoyed when no credit is given to me for MY work.

Ok, you people... Here are some basic and useful html codes and tags you can use in order to make special text, show an image and make links.  This is ideal for basic html formatting, such as when you're posting on message boards or discussion forums, and want to format your text to make it look more in-n-n-nteresting...

Text Formats:

Bold Text:  <B>Your text goes between the set of brackets</B>

Italic Text:  <I>Your text goes here.</I>

Underlined Text:  <U>Your text goes here.</U>

Strikeout Text: <S>Your text here.</S>

You can use these in combination, but remember this:  Add the tags around what exists, in layers.  If you have italic text that you want to also make bold, so that it looks like this, add the new tags in "layers":

Right way:  <B><I>Your text goes here.</I></B>

Right way:  <I><B>Your text goes here.</B></I>

Wrong way:  <I><B>Your text.</I></B>  (See the difference?  You close the tags in the same order that you open them.)

To make the text a different size:

Use <small>Your text goes here.</small>

Use <big>Your text goes here.</big>

If you want to make it smaller or larger, add an extra SET of tags onto that:

Example:  <small><small>Your text goes here.</small></small>

ALSO, you could use the FONT tag:

<font size="3">Your text here</font> -- Size 3 is the default size when nothing is specified.

Possible values are: -1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and I think 6.

<font size="-1">This text would be very small!</font>

More fun with the FONT tag:

To change the face on specific text:

<font face="Arial">This text would appear very plain</font>

This text would appear very plain

Note:  The text will only appear with the specified face if the viewer has that particular font installed on his/her computer.  (So get lots of different fonts so you won't miss out!  *grin*)

To change the color:

<font color="blue">This text will appear in blue</font>

This text will appear in blue

Or if you know the hexidecimal (rrggbb) value of the color, you can use that instead of the name of the color):

<font color="#c0c0c0">This text will appear as light grey</font>

This text will appear as light grey

To combine them, it is not necessary to do <font face="Times"><font color="yellow">Your text here</font></font>

Just do this:  <font face="Times" color="yellow">Your text here</font>

Your text here

*     *     *

To insert a hyperlink, use:

<a href="">Your text, or name of the link</a>

To insert a graphic or image, use:

<img src="" alt="Text to describe the image">

(Now, you can also use height= and width= tags, but they are not required.  I'm not getting into them now so as to not overload you with info. -- This is just the basics.

To use an image as a hyperlink, combine the two like this:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Text to describe the image, or tell where the link leads to."></a>


These tags can be either CAPS or in lower case; it matters not. Some folks prefer to type the html in ALL CAPS, making it easier to identify.

*     *     *

You can combine any of the above, if you ant to get really creative:

To make something like this*:

Help save the Big Cats now!
Help save the Big Cats now!

You'd use the following code:

<P ALIGN="Center">

<FONT Size="4" Color="Yellow"><I><U>Attention!</U></I></FONT><BR>

<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><FONT Size="4"><B>CLICK HERE</B></FONT><BR>

<IMG SRC="graphics/bigcatrace120by60.gif" WIDTH="120" HEIGHT="60" ALT="Help save the Big Cats now!"


<FONT SIZE="2"><B><I>Help save the Big Cats now!</I></B></FONT></A>

Additional Note:

If you'll look, you'll notice that in the above code, there's a tag that says target="_top".  This attribute merely causes the page to be loaded in its own frame.  If you're not in frames, it doesn't really matter.  If you're in frames, it will "break you out" of them, while loading the page in the same browser window.

If you want to cause a page to load in a new browser window, use target="_blank" in the "A HREF" tag.

*     *     *

I hope that this information has been useful to you. -- Happy posting!

Feel free to bookmark this page now!


*The graphic is on my server.  Don't link to it on my server; it's just an example.  (If you want to use the graphic, click here to go to the site, where you can download it for free.)  Thanks.

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