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I rescued Socks from the parking lot of my apartment complex on 28 February, 2007.  I couldn't keep her because I already had 4 cats. Carl wanted to adopt her, so she went to live with him when he moved in April. In the meantime, I spoiled her rotten.  She's going to be another Munchkin.  She's a small, black version of him except she also has a white nose and mouth; you Trekkies will no doubt notice that the white spot on her nose and mouth resembles the Klingon insignia. She also had a little, tiny black spot on the left side of her nose. In the passing years, I have seen this little black smudge grow to take over half her little pink nosetip! I don't know if it indicates anything healthwise (like a mole does), but I'm trying to find out. And I swear I'm not crazy and I'm not making it up.

Carl works a lot and spends quite a bit of time over here, so when he's home, he's usually sleeping. Socks requires more attention than that and would misbehave in order to get it. It got to the point where Carl and her were ...quite at odds. He figured she needed a companion, so he adopted a little orange and white kitty named Spirit from the CAT Association. Unfortunately, Socks was quite hostile to her and it didn't get any better. I suggested that we swap Socks and Boo, because Boo gets picked on and harrassed a lot by the other cats here and he'd probably prefer the more laid back atmosphere at Carl's place; also, Socks seemed to like it at my place and behaved quite well whenever she visited. Each of them seemed to like where they were at then.

Socks has chilled out quite a lot in her attitude toward Carl, though she still has a wild, aggressive streak, and quite an attitude. She likes to bite and claw a lot, and she growls when she's picked up if she's not in the mood to be cuddled. However, she can be extremely cuddly and docile at times, licking and nibbling my hands and fingers or falling alseep on my tummy. She's a devilish little angel. Her Native American name is Poofy Tail.

Socks looking up

Ain't she a cutie? Here's another one... Her little while nose and mouth look kind of like the Klingon insignia... *loopy grin* ...or maybe I've just been watching too much Star Trek?

Socks in Crow's Nest of the cat perch


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