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And my second youngest, Scooter, who was born approximately sometime in November, 2000. He came into our household sometime between December 4th and 18th, 2000. His Native American name was Meows a Lot (or Meows Too Much, depending on the situation...). He was a sweety, but hehould be damned annoying when he wanted to be. I also think he was OCD (really). He pawed and paweds and scraped and scraped and pawed and pawed and scraped and scraped in the litter box (far longer than a normal cat would) until I get on him about it. Then he quit that and started meowing every 5 seconds, and acting all...disturbed...I think of him as my special needs kitty, but I love him anyway...the little twerp... ;) He was cute and cuddly, but he didn't like to be held; he'd put up with it for a short time, though.

Our beloved Scooter passed away peacefully due to kidney disease on April 26th, 2015. He was greatly loved and will be missed. We had min cremated and geep his ashes in a container on the cats' shelf..

Here's another one of Scooter.


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