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This is Boo. He was born approximately 31 March, 1995. Boo is a scaredy cat. He's got the Halloween Cat pose down pat, though. He's a sweetheart. Boo's Native American name is Attention Span of a Gnat. Carl reminded me that he is also called Catman-Boo. Boo went to live with Carl, my friend and ex-husband, for a while; he seemed to like it better over there (probably fewer cats to harass him). Carl returned Boo to me when he moved to Arkansas to go to school.

Sad to say that our beloved Boo has passed on, in December, 2013. May his cremains rest in peace.

Nere's Boo again, lounging around and looking cool.

Socks is mean to Boo; she hisses and bullies him. He's very meek, and doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but he knows that I got his back and he's become quite a lap cat. He's 16 years old now, and getting old and frail and skinny. I'm spoiling him during the time he's got left on this Earth. He likes lying next to me in bed.

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