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Bat was my eldest cat, born approximately 31 March, 1991 and died June 29th, 2008. His Roman name was Battus the Cattus, and his Native American name was Two White Whiskers. I had to change that to Three White Whiskers, though, because he was growing out another one. He was a bit grumpy. He was hard to photograph, partly because he was so dark, and partly because he wouldn't sit still for it. So I only have one good one of him. He's cute but not very cuddly, except if it was on his terms. He liked to cuddle on my left arm when I was going to sleep.

Alas, Bat did not survive the trip out to Arizona when I moved here in June. I had him cremated and have his ashes on a shelf next to Munchkin's. May he rest in peace.

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